Underground power line costs

What does it cost to put overhead power lines underground?

Putting power lines underground is a popular choice for many home owners and developers – there are many advantages vs overhead power lines.

Unfortunately though it is hard to give an average cost for undergrounding power lines. This is due to the varying nature, voltage and use of the powerlines, as well as the environment they are being installed in. Even a rough cost per metre figure is virtually impossible to provide without information about the specific project.

However we are very happy to provide you with an estimate if you can send us some details of the installation. As an authorised Level 2 ASP we’re fully qualified to provide detailed quotes and perform all the required work – making it a simple and safe process for you.

Please use our contact form, providing as much detail as you can, or call us on 1800 437 437 and we’ll be happy to provide an estimate of costs for undergrounding your electricity cables.