Company Overview

Infinite Energy Services is the leading specialist provider as a Level 1 and Level 2 Service Provider, as accredited by the NSW Department of Trade & Investment, Regional Infrastructure & Services.

With wide ranging experience from residential to industrial systems, Infinite Energy Services have a sound reputation in framework configuration and integration for diverse clients.

Our highly qualified team have all the relevant experience, training, licences and insurances ensuring that your electricity network requirements are conscientiously fulfilled.

We pride ourselves on constantly training of our already highly skilled technicians and staying ahead, leading the industry in processes and technology.

The methodologies behind each of the services we perform have been created and refined with consideration for current regulations and industry best-practice standards, to guarantee compliance and consistent performance outcomes for our clients.

Our Philosophy

The essential philosophy and objective of Infinite Energy Services is to consistently achieve the highest possible conceivable level of integrity, cost viability and professional standards for our clients, focusing on quality, value and customer satisfaction.

Commitment to our Environment & Sustainability

Infinite Energy Services understand the importance of maintaining sustainable business practices and conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible way. We are committed to reducing the impact of its operations and procedures on the environment by a process of continual improvement.

The significance of the Environment and its protection is recognised throughout the process of material requisition, use of energy and the responsible disposal of waste.

Our sustainability performance is measured across all groups affected by our business, including staff, customers, shareholders and the community.

Commitment to Service

Infinite Energy Services has a team of experienced and skilled individuals who are committed to ensuring the highest level of service, whilst exceeding customer expectations and ensuring optimum delivery.

Commitment to Safety

Infinite Energy Services fundamental pre-requisite is the WH&S of our clients, staff and the community, ensuring a safe working environment and the promotion of WH&S practices.


Infinite Energy Services is committed to setting the standard for the industry through innovation. We utilise leading edge innovation in order to improve the effectively and accuracy of traditional services. We pride ourselves by harnessing new technologies to develop high impact projects and solutions that benefit our clients.