Service pole installation

Permanent Steel and Timber Poles

We supply and install all poles complete with cap, J hook, label and cut-outs if required. We can install poles in dirt, clay, rock or concrete and can complete the installation by erecting and concreting the pole in ground.

We can install the following poles:

  • Round or Square Galvanised Steel Poles
    • (4 inch) 100nb x 6.5mt
    • (5 inch) 125nb x 6.5mt
    • (6 inch) 150nb x 6.5mt
  • Round or Square timber poles from 6.5m in length to 23m @ different strengths (Kn)

Poles can be fabricated & engineered to meet your requirements. We also cater for the replacement of defective poles and are able to accommodate emergency replacement of fallen poles.

We guarantee satisfaction with every pole erection.