We supply and install all poles complete with cap, J hook, label and cut-outs if required. We can install poles in dirt, clay, rock or concrete and can complete the installation by erecting and concreting the pole in ground. We can install the following poles

  • Round or Square Galvanised Steel Poles

    (4 inch) 100nb x 6.5mt
    (5 inch) 125nb x 6.5mt
    (6 inch) 150nb x 6.5mt

  • Round or Square timber poles from 6.5m in length to 23m @ different strengths (Kn)

Poles can be fabricated & engineered to meet your requirements. We also cater for the replacement of defective poles and are able to accommodate Emergency replacement of fallen poles.

We guarantee satisfaction with every pole erection.


Infinite Energy Services can supply and install Temporary Builders Service (TBS) at your residential, commercial or industrial building sites. Our TBS meet all current NSW & Australian work cover standards. They come complete with pole and meter box which if required the pole can be dressed as a permanent pole. We offer the following boxes as standard and can install required outlets as requested.

  • Single phase 240volt pole & meter box
  • Three phase 415volt pole & meter box- must have 3 phase load on site or a 3 phase outlet installed.


Infinite Energy Services are able to provide the following combinations of labour hire as needed:

  • Linesman with or without 13m or 18m insulated EWP
  • Cable jointers for Poly XLPE and Paperlead cables up to 22kv
  • Electrical fitter mechanics
  • 18m 4WD insulated EWP with operator
  • Crane borers ( through contractors )
  • High Voltage switching on private networks


Infinite Energy Services specialise in hire of a range of diesel generators. Offering reliable and affordable generators which are available for short and long term hire. Standby rates also available upon request.

All generators are fitted with combinations of multi and single phase outlets ready to use.

Please contact us for details of current stock and for an obligation free quote


Infinite Energy Services are committed to the reduction of greenhouse gases and are able to assist you in the help to reduce your carbon foot print by focusing on energy efficiency and cost-effective alternative energy solutions.

We offer services such as LED lighting in car parks, playing fields and the supply and installation of Solar panels for your Industrial, Commercial or Residential property.

Please contact us for an obligation free quote.