Level 2 ASP

Infinite Energy Services have been an Accredited Level 2 Service Provider since 2010. We offer a full connection service from the supply pole or pillar to your switchboard.

We work throughout Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains and beyond.

We are Level 2 authorised in:

  • Category 1 – Disconnection / Reconnection
  • Category 2 – Underground service lines
  • Category 3 – Overhead Mains
  • Category 4 – Metering and energising new installations

By holding the Level 2 ASP accreditation, we specialise in:

  • Overhead service from 100amp to 400amp
  • Underground service including all civil works
  • Disconnect & reconnect
  • Relocation of point of attachments
  • All forms of metering including net solar and off peak
  • Permanent disconnection and removal of service
  • Tree trimming around powerlines
  • Upgrade supply from single phase to three phase
  • Main switchboard upgrades from 100amp to 1000amp
  • Consumers mains and main earth upgrades
  • Sub main & distribution board upgrades
  • Load applications
  • Tiger tails – restrictions apply