Accreditation means the legislation based approval required by a person to provide contestable services as defined in the Electricity Supply Act (NSW) 1995 to obtain goods and services in a competitive market.

Accredited Service Provider (ASP) means a person who has been accredited through a government-recognised accreditation scheme to undertake contestable works.

AsBuilt is a drawing or sketch made during construction to record the actual size, location and nature of assets. Measurements obtained during field recordings are transferred into an As-built.

Electricity Distributor means the electricity distribution network service provider in whose network area the electricity works are or will be located.

Field recording refers to physical measurement and sketching of underground and overhead assets installed for Electrical utilities.

Geographical Information System (GIS) is a database of records for spatial and connectivity data related to electrical utilities infrastructure.

Level 1 ASP undertake work to extend the overhead or underground electricity network or to increase the capacity of the existing network.

Level 2 ASP install, repair or maintain the overhead or underground service lines between the electrical wiring on a customer’s premises and the electricity network. This includes installing electricity metering equipment, connecting service lines to the network and making the connection ‘live’.

Level 3 ASP design distribution network assets, both underground and overhead.

Supply Authority means the network owner (Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy & Essential Energy)

Scheme means a Scheme for the Accreditation of Service Providers to Undertake Contestable Services recognised by the Minister for Resources and Energy.

Power Pole Construction means to do construction or maintenance to the column or post used to support overhead power lines.

Power Upgrade means the upgrade of a power supply to your home, business or other premises.

Contestable Works A qualified person to do the work and connect your home, business or other premises to the Electricity Distribution Network.

Consultation means giving of advice, opinion or information usually involving a consideration.

High Voltage Electrical means an electrical energy at voltages high enough to cause harm on living organisms. Conductors and all Equipment that are High Voltage warrant safety requirements and individual procedures.

Pad Mounted Transformer is a mounted ground power distribution transformer, mounted on a concrete pad in a locked steal cabinet.

Pole Mounted Transformer is a mounted utilty pole transformer.

Substation a low or high voltage electrical generation, transmission and distribution system.